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Capturing Nature

THis is not a post about technique, there are no inspiring quotes and no one will gain new found understand of art materials, techniques and processes.

An early morning rise, saying goodbye to the kids while mum still sleeps can be the start of my working day. I am often also leaving the family to play while I walk. I can wonder off or be near them, hearing their screams and laughter, or arguments. I will also wonder alone, drive, walk local, disappear while on holiday and generally be a figure without them.

Capturing nature, for me, is a solitary existence that is heightened by being that figure in the landscape. However, I do wish to be with them at the same time and often crave the return, the closeness of them and the shared experience of being with nature. I don't actually know what I see in nature, I just like being there. I could say a multitude of wonderful and uplifting things but its not about that. Its not even about capturing a moment, of light or feeling, its about being lost while feeling connected. I love to look for minutes or for over two hours and be lost in the space I am in. That is a connection, due to the period of time it has to be. But the connection is with all that surrounds me, the scenes, sounds, weather.

So if the family are near by, its even better.

Nonsuch Park in the summer

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