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Writing Again

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Daryl F Zanuck's classic Oscar-nominated telling of 'The Longest Day' is the perfect way to start. Many start the year with 'a new me.' I've started with the same old fear and loathing; and yet its different this time, I have a plan. To turn that fear and loathing into something positive I wish the keyboard to be like the Mother Superior gliding through in a hail of bullets, to help mend my wounded ego.

I have parked my last attempt at blogging (started back in 2000), the last post being 2016. According to my internet search I need to decide my reasons to blog. I need to think through my purpose in blogging and flow with the seasons (not sure what that means). Apparently there are some seasons in life that are more conducive to more in-depth blogging (are there?). I am meant to marry and keep an amazing man (my wife might say something about that and I'm not sure where I'd keep him as it would be classed as kidnapping maybe). I can only be me and I promise to get to know people and ask good questions. I am also told to drink water, get exercise, and sleep (this is becoming a quite strenuous fitness regime!).

So lets begin. What is my reasons to blog? I have had a year of drawing and wish to discuss that but also I have a need to, or wish to?, feel its right to discuss my motives behind only exhibiting my work in a very select few places.

I am and always wish to be an artist. I am not a salesperson, I was never a masters candidate and I have serious issues with the lack of acceptance and recognition of my artwork. I had become stale but now I'm just underwhelmed. Except I am enjoying my work more than ever. So I want to use this space to back up my website and explore the reasoning behind my love for drawing and hate of showing my own drawing.

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