My current project is about recording the Wandle trail. I have produced a book called 'Lost; in the Wilderness'. This is a recent drawing project, that has produced lots of new ideas such as abstract works and digital collages from the original A2 sketchbook. All the views are almost exclusively from the Wandle Valley and are part of that ongoing project, to record the Wandle Trail, leading up to an exhibition in May 2021 at the National Trust Morden Hall Park.


The original sketches were produced 'plein air' (on location) in charcoal or pastel, some as small pieces, some in the large double A2 paged sketchbook. Some of those charcoal sketches were then photographed and placed into Adobe Photoshop, so delicate layers of 'torn' colour could be added, creating a digital collage. These layers, almost like tissue paper, are placed to reflect the light and colour I experienced when creating the original charcoal drawings.

Above are a mix of those images and can be purchased as originals or as Giclee prints hand numbered and signed by the artist. Contact the artist for more details.  

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