In this community engagement drawing workshop we worked together to create a phrase, 11 meter square letters were used, each doodled within with thoughts and ideas about what the local area means to you.. We worked together, but each group did not know what the other groups are doing until the end! A bit like life, the final piece will only make sense when all the component letters are brought together. This workshop was designed around the idea that one legacy of the COVID pandemic is the connections, collaborations, and combined experience that brought us closer together as a community to support each other.

Carshalton Water Tower, Pound St

Drawing the Wandle, was an exhibit of recent works and live drawing session. I presented 3 exciting new large charcoal drawings, my sketchbooks and a range of smaller works on paper at Carshalton Water Tower’s historic Hermitage building.


As part of the Wandle Fortnight, I also undertook a fourth large two metre drawing on location of the amazing grounds surrounding Carshalton Water Tower. This exciting, small, snapshot exhibition was a celebration of the Carshalton Water Tower, the River Wandle and the unique places and projects the river encompasses. It will showcased my responses to Beddington Farmlands, Wilderness Island, Carshalton Ponds and the Water Tower itself, specifically the area surrounding The Carshalton Water Tower. With the new works being created on site ‘plein air’ at the historic Carshalton Water Tower Hermitage, you were be able to delve into the working practice of a professional artist, giving a unique incite into how the artist responds to drawing live in the elements.

Oaks Park, The Old Stable Block

Here I draw live, the entire Eadweard Muybridge horse movement sequence in charcoal and created an animated final piece from the individual cells. This piece was in support of the Oaks Park Open Studios event and in response to the history of that park. The park itself is vital to the story of The Derby festival, held in nearby Epsom and named after Oaks Park resident, the Earl of Derby. A plague at the stables states; 'In 1779, whilst at dinner with the Duke of Richmond and Sir Charles Bunbury, Lord Stanley, 12th Earl of Derby, named a new horse race – The Oaks – after the house that once stood here. In 1780 another race – The Derby – was conceived.' 

Below are other examples of other recent workshops and demonstrations, including some time lapse examples of my process.. You can see longer videos on my YouTube channel.